The defining strength of Toolcomm is the staff of Toolcomm. We have a team of engineers, scientists, project managers and financial advisors to provide a flexible, responsive and very experienced team to provide timely and cost effective solutions to unique problems.

  • Industrial Network Design and Supply
  • Fibre Network Design and Testing
  • WiMAX Network Design
  • T1 Network Design and Testing (SONET, DACS)
  • RoIP Design (various vendors) and Integration
  • System Design to meet Type Approval Specifications and MIL Spec Compliance
  • Satellite Communication System Integration (iDIRECT, Iridium)
  • Firewall Configuration
  • MIL Spec Server Rack Design and Supply
  • Oil Spill Detection System Design and Supply
  • Engineering Consulting
  • Cache Server design and deployment


Toolcomm Technology Inc. is equipped not only for electronics design but also equipped for the production of 3D cad models, development of software for various platforms, and for supplying a full range of product documentation.

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